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Do you get stuck in an unpleasant emotion or mood such as anger, apathy, rage, grief, jealousy, hurt, fear, anxiety, loneliness, emptiness?

How Core Transformation Can Help You?*

Core Transformation®  by Andreas NLP is incredibly effective in helping people overcome their most painful issues.

Most people significantly move toward one or more of the following results each time they do the Core Transformation Process. 


As this process releases your higher Core Self, it will impact all areas of your life positively. When your own Core Inner Wisdom is uncovered, you will gain new choices in many areas of your life, for example:

  • Having emotions that serve you and support what you do.

  • Resolution of specific emotions that are overwhelming or limiting.

  • The sense that your emotions are appropriate to present circumstances, rather than being an expression of unresolved issues from the past.

  • An experience of greater emotional fluidity, rather than being stuck in an emotion.

  • The ability to have access to full range of emotions.

  • Enjoy a fundamental sense of wellbeing and peace.

*Based on Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae and Tamara Andreas


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Lira I., from Dubai,


With great love I want to share my story! Nell is a master of her craft, which gave me immeasurable respect and trust! After 3 delicate sessions, I felt a burst of energy, cheerfulness, confidence and freedom. Today I am full of strength and enthusiasm!


Daniela Z., from Hamburg, Germany

Nell guided me  into the unconscious so that I was able to discover new connections on an emotional level to old  topics. The deep insights contribute to my overall wellbeing.  My circle of friends noticed this change immediately!

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Inge H., from London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend two Core Transformation sessions with Nell in order to work on key issues and transform them on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.


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